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Welcome to Mr Simms…

…your sweetest franchise opportunity!

The future is sweet…

The UK chocolate and sugar confectionery market is estimated at £7.6 billion in 2019, and projected to grow at approximately 1.3% per annum through 2023. (Source of all data: Statista, 2019).

That’s a lot of sweets and treats! Even sweeter though is that Mr Simms’s unique proposition, established customer base, rapid growth and professional management team make us best placed to capitalise on this growth opportunity. By total store count, we’re already the number one retail franchise confectionery business in the UK and our success story is only just beginning…

Martin Peet Mr Simms

Descended from generations of confectionery shopkeepers dating back to 1891, you could say that our Chairman Martin Peet was born to this business.

Back in 2004, frustrated by the growing standardisation of the British high street, the rise of bland chain stores and predictable products, Martin saw an opportunity for a truly distinctive, evocative and enchanting retail experience.  

Inspired by the ideas of re-imagining traditional values of service, quality and care for our communities, of showcasing a mind-blowing range of products and of bringing joy to the lives of sweet lovers of all ages, the first Mr Simms store was born.  Fast forward 15 years, and Mr Simms now has over 75 stores in the UK alone and has started to expand internationally.

We’re proud that Martin’s original vision of sweet traditions being shared across generations still holds strong today and will continue to hold strong as the business grows from strength to strength, making new memories every day.

Mr Simms Franchising

When you look at our family of franchisees, you’ll immediately note how different everybody is - whether that’s by age, circumstances, experience, store type or location.

We can’t provide you with a fixed demographic of what success looks like but we can tell you that Mr Simms franchisees are proud experts in confectionery, passionate about their products, committed to their communities, dedicated to delivering the sweetest service and inspired to delight and excite their customers every day.  

If this sounds like you, read on…

TESTIMONIAL from a Mr Simms Franchisee

      I was running a grocery store-cum-off license and newsagents - the hours were so long and I just didn't want to do it any more. With Mr Simms, my hours are much more reasonable and it's such a lovely business too".

Franchisee: Marlow, Basingstoke and Guildford


Becoming a Mr Simms franchisee offers you the best of several worlds – the opportunity to be your own boss, running your own business your own way, but with the strength of an established, successful brand to build upon and the support of a highly experienced management team with which to build it.

But, greater than all of this, is the opportunity to be part of something truly special because Mr Simms goes far beyond being a traditional sweet shop… it’s a celebration of the best of independent retailing and a much loved part of people’s lives. Being part of the Mr Simms family is simply the sweetest franchise experience and you can’t put a price on that!

TESTIMONIAL from a Mr Simms Franchisee

      I was running a grocery store-cum-off license and newsagents - the hours were so long and I just didn't want to do it any more. With Mr Simms, my hours are much more reasonable and it's such a lovely business too".

Franchisee: Marlow, Basingstoke and Guildford

“ Home

Olde Sweet Shoppe

We know that running your own business can be lonely at times, which is why we commit to providing all Mr Simms franchisees with the following benefits:

• Property sourcing and contracting support

• Branding and design support – including Visual Identity Manual and Store Design Guidelines

• Access to an extremely wide range of products

• Access to our technology, Point of Sale (POS) and other equipment

• Proprietary training programme, mentoring scheme and operations manual

• Promotional and marketing support, including centralised digital marketing and social media platforms

• Representatives on site during store set up and opening

• Periodic evaluations and on-going business management support

• Information sharing on industry best-practice, regulatory changes, etc.

• Informative publications.

Together, we’re stronger.

Choosing & Building your Store

The Mr Simms brand is one of the more affordable start-up investments in the industry for a franchise of its size, type and stature. The total amount of investment will depend largely on the store location, size and the extent of any renovation work required.

In terms of return on investment, the most important factors are typically the location of the franchise and how well it is managed. Please note that the company has a policy that no employee or agent will provide you with projections as to potential sales, earnings and profitability.

Instead, we encourage new franchisees to meet existing franchisees with a proven track record of operating shops in similar circumstances. We’re happy to introduce you.

There are many parts of the UK where we would be excited to open a new Mr Simms. It is the franchisee’s responsibility to source the location of the franchise, however, we are on hand to help and use the latest technology to pinpoint optimal sites as well as providing assistance with store design, as well as product and equipment ordering.

All Mr Simms stores feature high-impact wall-to-wall merchandising as part of a multi-sensory ‘world of wonder’, creating a distinctive and memorable experience that evokes excitement, discovery, nostalgia and delight.

In 2019, the Mr Simms brand began work on its new store design, offering customers an enhanced brand experience. With new customer focus in mind, touches such as improved store front designs, better merchandising and lighting design are being introduced and will be piloted in our new corporate store in Stafford. We expect our new design to be a success, yielding increased revenue and traffic, as well as positive customer feedback.

The Power of Great Product

We will manage the purchase of all Mr Simms specified and approved products, packaging, equipment and business solutions.

We will also provide business and technology services, as well as initiatives to help our franchisees cut costs, improve profitability and enhance competitiveness.

We’re always on the look out for innovative ways to use technology to create an enhanced brand experience for both franchisees and customers and we aim to provide analysis on store performance in correlation to our in-house data.

Mr Simms product range (and our franchisees’ passion for it!) is critical to the overall experience. Alongside our exclusive range of Mr. Simms products, we also source a mind-blowing range of recommended products from across the globe.

The figures listed below do not include extensive exterior renovations, and the estimated costs outlined in the table (and elsewhere in this document) represent a wide range of possible locations, and operational variables.

We will assist with providing general layout plans, drawings, specifications and the like. You may select your own contractors or use our recommended contractor (who is not only experienced in building Mr. Simms stores, but is normally competitively priced). You should obtain at least 2 quotes for comparison purposes.


Indicative Costs

Initial Franchise Fee


Leasehold Improvements (store fit out)

£15,000 to £30,000

Equipment Purchase Cost incl. POS


Opening Inventory

£8,000 to £15,000


£500 to £1,000

Store Launch Marketing


Estimated Total Invesment

£37,000 to £59,500

These figures are estimates of the core investment costs in setting up a Mr Simms store.

It is possible to exceed costs in any of the areas listed and there are additional costs to be considered also.

All figures exclusive of VAT at the standard applicable rate.

The objective of our marketing team is to raise awareness of the Mr Simms brand generally and to increase custom and drive sales across all of our stores.

We intend to run national campaigns, with supporting marketing materials, at key seasons such as Christmas, Valentines or Easter, but we can also assist in providing materials and initiatives for you to promote your store locally too. We aim to use digital marketing, social media and traditional advertising.

Beyond those costs listed in the previous table, you should also consider:

These, together with the general breakdown on the previous page, make up the likely complete up front investment in setting up a Mr Simms store. These should be considered in your business plan, together with the ongoing running costs of the business.

Ongoing Running Costs

General costs to be factored in include:

If you’re excited by now, then we’ll be excited to hear from you.  Please express your interest by completing the online application form on the right.

There’s no obligation in doing so – it simply enables our Franchise Manager to contact you and send you our disclosure document with more detailed information about the business.

The typical sequence of events is:

As per our Mr Simms promise, we will be by your side as you launch and build your business. We’re proud to be part of your adventure.

We strongly recommend that you seek your own legal advice to assist you in reviewing the franchise agreement and any legal documents.

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